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CFP – Wounded Galaxies 1968


1968: Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach
Festival + Symposium

Feb 8-10, 2018
Indiana University  

Call for Papers

The Sixties were a turbulent period, characterized by major revolutions in scholarship, politics, culture and the arts.  Indiana University, in conjunction with The Burroughs Century, plans an academic symposium welcoming scholars, archivists, filmmakers, and others interested in exploring the intellectual and aesthetic legacy of 1968, during its 50th anniversary year.  The conference will be held on the beautiful Bloomington, Indiana campus and will be hosted by Indiana University’s Media School; the Indiana University Libraries (including the Lilly Library and the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive); and Indiana University Cinema, which has earned an international reputation for the high quality of its facilities and programming.

Accompanying the symposium will be a series of films and an exhibition featuring rare and unique items from the IU Library collection. Renowned scholars such as Greil Marcus McKenzie Wark, and, possibly, Penelope Rosemont are expected to give talks, introduce films, and appear in Q&A sessions following screenings.

In addition, we are planning an art exhibit, as well as series of experimental music performances and spoken word presentations, in keeping with the larger theme of radical aesthetics.  We plan to publish the conference proceedings.

Interested participants are invited to submit paper proposals on any aspect of the international history and cultural legacy of 1968.  Papers need not be limited to any particular critical, theoretical, historical, or political subject or method. We hope to receive proposals that deal with previously unexplored issues, but we are also interested in proposals that offer fresh approaches to much-discussed work.  As the symposium title suggests, we are using the Situationists as a point of departure and particularly welcome presentations that consider the revolutionary potential of the Everyday—in both historical and contemporary situations.

But we are happy to consider any proposals that address the historical legacy of 1968, and welcome submissions that attempt to trace the legacy of 68 in contemporary art and culture.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • history and historiography of 1968;
  • the post-1968 generation and terrorism;
  • post ’68 science fiction;
  • anthropology and the Situationists;
  • architecture after ’68;
  • counter/sub-cultures after ’68;
  • literature and literary theory;
  • The Annales school and radical shifts in historiography
  • Marshall McLuhan and the electronic revolution
  • The history and legacy of the Black Panther Party
  • Chicago 1968
  • The International Student Movement(s)
  • Revolution and the University
  • Prague Spring – experimental & avant-garde art, film, literature & music made during this period of freedom; the avant-garde going underground during Normalization; lingering impacts of Prague Spring on experimental & avant-garde art/music/lit/etc.
  • Surrealisms outside France – the internationalization of surrealism that happened in the late-60s onward (U.S., African surrealisms, Poland’s “Orange Alternative”, etc.)
  • Neo-Dada and Fluxus
  • French New Wave cinema and its response to the events of Mai-
  • Third Cinema(s)
  • East vs. West perspectives: pro-socialist avant-gardes in the West Europe versus anti-socialist avant-gardes in East Europe

Proposals should be limited to 300 words in length and consist of a brief description of the paper’s theme or focus, plus a one-page vita. Proposals may be submitted for individual papers or for sessions featuring two or three panelists. Proposals for panels should be submitted as a group by the organizer, along with a short explanation of the unifying theme. In addition, each panel proposal should consist of individual paper descriptions (limited to 300 words in length), names of panelists and their vitae.

Please email your proposals to Joan Hawkins jchawkin@indiana.edu, by July 1, 2017. The Symposium Program Committee will evaluate all submissions and notify all candidates of the results by Aug 1, 2017. . We look forward to your proposals, and to celebrating/reevaluating the legacy of international political and aesthetic upheaval.

Wounded Galaxies: 1968

Wounded Galaxies Marches 1968-2

In 1968, a wave of cultural tumult swept across Europe and the United States. Students, workers, artists, and activists joined forces in a groundswell of protest that verged on revolution.

Wounded Galaxies: 1968 will be a multimedia festival and scholarly symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the revolutionary arts and culture movements that occurred in Paris, Prague, and beyond. Festival events are planned for February 2018 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Leading up to Wounded Galaxies: 1968, The Burroughs Century Ltd. will host a series of smaller events as Wounded Galaxies marches toward 1968. These events will include community art-making, films, music, and performance art, all inspired in some way by the avant-garde movements that presaged 1968.

Join us for the first event in the Wounded Galaxies Marches Toward 1968 art series, An Evening of Exquisite Corpses.

$20 Promotional Price – Matmos with special guest Drekka

Matmos Live at Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, UK May 30th 2014

Matmos Live at Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, UK May 30th 2014

We’re now offering a promotional price for Matmos and Drekka’s performance on Friday October 9. Buy your tickets now through the BCT Box Office.

Queer Mythologies // Queer Histories

Our evening of contemporary LGBTQ shorts, curated by filmmaker Russell Sheaffer, is looking pretty great. Check out the full line-up below.

October 9 – Friday – 6:30 p.m.
IU Cinema

How does one go about creating mythologies of non-normative experience while exploring history in a markedly queer way? The films in this experimental shorts block work to address this central questions. Whether engaged in an exploration of human bodies, of untold histories, or of a mythological landscape with new potential, these films understand their characters, their subject matter, and their form in original and markedly queer ways. This shorts program is comprised entirely of contemporary work and includes:

All Under (Gunilla Leander, 2003 (U.S. Premiere))
Ink Deep (Constance Levesque, 2012)
Shift (Juan Carlos Zaldivar, 2012)
Wildblood (Jonesy, 2011)
But I’m a Genderqueer (Lauren Soldano, 2011)
In the Open (Albert Sackl, 2011)
Maya Deren’s Sink (Barbara Hammer, 2011).

Preview a clip from Barbara Hammer’s film:

The films in this program contain mature content.
Free, but ticketed.

Announcing Chris Kraus!


We’re happy to announce an addition to our 2015 schedule: feminist writer and filmmaker, Chris Kraus. She will read a selection of her forthcoming book of essays on Kathy Acker on Friday October 9 at 4p at the I-Fell building. Buy tickets in advance at the BCT Box Office.

Downtown Film and TV Culture, 1975-2001


Our own Joan Hawkins has toiled away the past few years on a book project that focuses on the New York Downtown scene, and it’s just been released! Downtown Film and TV Culture, 1975-2001 brings together essays and interviews by both scholars and participants in Downtown culture, balancing academic research with the voices of people who lived this cultural moment. In it, you’ll find essays by J. Hoberman and Nick Zedd, and interviews with Bette Gordon and Beth B.

What’s unique about this collection is that it doesn’t just consider the scene within the bounds of New York City in the 1970s, but rather expands its scope to talk about multiple generations and regions involved in Downtown Culture.

The book is available for purchase through Intellect Ltd., University of Chicago Press, and online booksellers like Amazon.com.

The Burroughs Century will host a book signing and reading the week before Wounded Galaxies (stay tuned for details!). Then, in November, there will be book events at the Strand Bookstore in New York and at Fales Library at NYU.

John Zorn Events Canceled

We regret to announce that we will not be able to host John Zorn this year and must cancel his Jorgensen lecture at the IU Cinema and the Bladerunner/Simulacrum performance at the Buskirk-Chumley. However, we are still very excited to present the sonic and image experiments of great artists like Matmos, Barbara Hammer, Ahleuchatistas, and Andre Perkowski. We can’t wait to see you next month at Wounded Galaxies: Festival of Experimental Media.

Cyclobe Canceled

We’re sad to announce that due to complications with international visas, Cyclobe has had to cancel.

However, we have already found an exciting replacement for their Thursday, Oct 8 performance at the IU Cinema: Andre Perkowski’s 2014 film Nova Express. An adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ novel that does justice to Burroughs’ own cut-up technique, Nova Express is a collage of found and original footage that winds through grotesque, sci-fi, and homoerotic imagery.

Perkowski has been assembling and reassembling Nova Express online, but we’ll be showing the full 3-hour cut. Take a peek at one of the pieces:

Then, for the Friday, Oct 9 performance at the Buskirk-Chumley, we’ve added local band Drekka to the bill with Matmos, and we’re currently reaching out to another band that we’d be excited to add to the program. It’s all very hush-hush right now, but we’ll keep you posted when we’ve confirmed more details.

If you have any concerns about the change in the program, please reach out to us at theburroughscentury[at]gmail[dot]com.

IU Cinema Tickets On Sale!

Individual tickets for our 3 events at the Indiana University Cinema have now gone on sale online through the IU Cinema website. The shows include:

  • A screening of three rare Derek Jarman, 8mm short films, with a soundtrack played live by British soundscape artists, Cyclobe.
  • A program of contemporary, avant-garde short films, all of which somehow explore non-normative or queer histories, bodies, and ways of viewing the world.
  • A documentary about the legendary Brooklyn music studio, BC Studio, co-founded by two of Wounded Galaxies’ featured musicians: Martin Bisi and Bill Laswell. John Zorn has also recorded at BC Studio.

Tickets will also be available in person at the IU Auditorium Box Office starting September 1.

An Afternoon of Direct Animation – June 13

Len LyeWe’re delighted to invite you to our first fundraising event of the summer, an afternoon of direct animation! Draw and paint your own animation design directly onto 16mm film, and project it immediately after you’re done to see how the film turned out. Fun for kids, adults, and people in between. Friend and family collaboration encouraged.

Curious, but not sure what to draw? We’ll have some suggestions to help get you started!

When: June 13, 2-5p
Where: Classroom Office Building at Indiana University, 800 E 3rd St

Free parking in IU parking garages without a permit on Saturdays and Sundays.

Suggested donation: $5/strip of film. Want to contribute more? We also welcome your tax-deductable donation during the event.