Festival of Experimental Media

Ex Nihilo


This week we’ve been listening to Martin Bisi’s recent album, Ex Nihilo, and it’s getting us excited for his performance at Wounded Galaxies in October. Right now track 4, “Invite to Heaven and Hell,” is standing out with it’s cool blend of operatic vocals, spoken-word-style narrative, and a sonic layering that verges on hypnotic confusion. We agree with Grayson Currin of Indy Week that “Ex Nihilo is an hour-long crawl through sinister madrigals and malevolent soundscapes.”

We’ve almost got the passes sorted out, so watch this space in the next week for how you can buy your festival pass.

Martin Bisi will be performing in a double-bill with Lydia Lunch at the Back Door on Sat Oct 10, 8p. Check out the full festival schedule.

Want to listen to Martin Bisi’s music to get yourself pumped for the festival? Hop over to Bisi’s website.