Festival of Experimental Media

Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window

image by Karsten Wolniak

image by Karsten Wolniak

When we first decided on the name for our festival, we really only had William S. Burroughs in mind. It was more of a cosmic coincidence that one of the bands we would feature in our 2015 fest – Cyclobe – should have drawn from similar inspirational sources.

Their 2010 album, Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window, displays the kind of soundscape styling that we love about Cyclobe. The mix of electronic and folk instrument sounds pull you into a hypnotic universe filled with beady-eyed nymphs or dancing comets.

The epic invocation at the heart of the album, “The Woods are Alive with The Smell of His Coming”, was commissioned in 2010 by the Tate Gallery in St. Ives for the exhibition “Dark Monarch: Magic and Modernity in British Art”. Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window saw contributions from fellow Cyclobe collaborators Michael J. York, Cliff Stapleton, Thighpaulsandra and John Contreras, with cover artwork generated by the artists Fred Tomaselli and Alex Rose.