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Downtown Film and TV Culture, 1975-2001


Our own Joan Hawkins has toiled away the past few years on a book project that focuses on the New York Downtown scene, and it’s just been released! Downtown Film and TV Culture, 1975-2001 brings together essays and interviews by both scholars and participants in Downtown culture, balancing academic research with the voices of people who lived this cultural moment. In it, you’ll find essays by J. Hoberman and Nick Zedd, and interviews with Bette Gordon and Beth B.

What’s unique about this collection is that it doesn’t just consider the scene within the bounds of New York City in the 1970s, but rather expands its scope to talk about multiple generations and regions involved in Downtown Culture.

The book is available for purchase through Intellect Ltd., University of Chicago Press, and online booksellers like Amazon.com.

The Burroughs Century will host a book signing and reading the week before Wounded Galaxies (stay tuned for details!). Then, in November, there will be book events at the Strand Bookstore in New York and at Fales Library at NYU.