Festival of Experimental Media

The Myth-Science Ensemble

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One show we’re really excited about – but is perhaps a bit less high-profile than some of our other events – is the Myth-Science Ensemble. Combining sound design, aerial performance, and music, the show re-imagines scientific iconography to create a multi-sensory experience for the audience.

The Myth-Science Ensemble hails from Kansas City MO and consists of Thomas Aber (bass clarinet, Omaha Symphony) and Dwight Frizzell (reeds and Yamaha WX5, Kansas City Art Institute), along with supporting players from Bloomington, including reed player Marty Belcher, nationally recognized live sound effects artist Tony Brewer, and aerial silk performer Sue Rall. Myth-Science Ensemble incorporate 4-channel sound, movement, and projected images to create live immersive sonic environments inspired by intersections of myth and science.

To get a taste of their work, take a look at “Oceans of Kansas,” which they’ll be performing live at Wounded Galaxies on October 11. Already intrigued? Get your tickets here.