Festival of Experimental Media

Wounded Galaxies: 1968

Wounded Galaxies Marches 1968-2

In 1968, a wave of cultural tumult swept across Europe and the United States. Students, workers, artists, and activists joined forces in a groundswell of protest that verged on revolution.

Wounded Galaxies: 1968 will be a multimedia festival and scholarly symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the revolutionary arts and culture movements that occurred in Paris, Prague, and beyond. Festival events are planned for February 2018 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Leading up to Wounded Galaxies: 1968, The Burroughs Century Ltd. will host a series of smaller events as Wounded Galaxies marches toward 1968. These events will include community art-making, films, music, and performance art, all inspired in some way by the avant-garde movements that presaged 1968.

Join us for the first event in the Wounded Galaxies Marches Toward 1968 art series, An Evening of Exquisite Corpses.