Festival of Experimental Media

History and Mission

The Burroughs Century, Ltd. is a radical arts organization devoted to making Bloomington, Indiana the Midwest destination for those who love and appreciate experimental art, literature, media, and performance. We exist for fans of aggressive, experimental music, for creators of outsider art, and for Midwest weirdos.

Everyone on our Board lives here in Bloomington, and we have the right and the responsibility to make this the kind of town where we want to live. This means contributing to the inclusive atmosphere in Bloomington, encouraging fruitful collaborations between our community and Indiana University, and introducing experimental film, music, and performance artists to a wider public.

Through our annual festival – Wounded Galaxies: Festival of Experimental Media – and through smaller events throughout the year, we advocate for a politics of collage – emphasizing and articulating the subversive potentials of montage, remixes, appropriations, cutups and rearrangements of all kinds.

Wounded Galaxies is a curated festival, committed to showcasing unique artists from the Midwest and around the world. We envision a world in which artists can sustain a career pushing the boundaries of media forms, and as such, all artists performing in our festival are paid for their work.

We began as a celebration of William S. Burroughs’ 100th birthday in February 2014. We had such a good time with that festival and received so much support, we decided to try it again. Burroughs is our patron saint. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.